Python #6: Takes in user input on a loop then averages the total

#Programmer: Akinwale Owi
#Company Name: Dagba Computers
#Program Purpose: Average User Input

#Beginning of Program

#initializing variable newNumber will hold all the user inputted numbers
newNumber = 0

#initializing total
total = 0

#initializing counter at negative 1 because the last input is the loop breaker
counter = -1

#beginning of while loop that gathers user input
while( newNumber > -1):
newNumber= int(input(‘please enter the next number or a negative number to quit and average’))
total = int(total + newNumber)
counter = counter + 1
#end of while
#when the user breaks the while loop
print(‘number that broke the loop:’)
#subtracting the loop breaking number from total
total = total – newNumber
print(‘total of user input:’)
print(‘total numbers added to make up the average:’)
#calculating the average
average = total/counter
#printing out the average
print(“the average is:”)

#End of Program


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