Java #53: How to Print only up to Two Decimal Spaces with printf in Java

*Watch copying and pasting the quotation marks, you may have to retype them to avoid an error

——————–Beginning of Source Code——————————-

//Programmer: Akinwale Owi
//Company: Dagba Computers
//Program Purpose: Print only up to two decimal places in java using printf
package javaapplication39;

public class JavaApplication39 {

public static void main(String[] args) {

//Double we will format
double money = 1234.45433;

//Printing out Double before formatting
System.out.printf(“Printing money = ” + money + “\n”);

//Printing out double after Formatting
System.out.printf(“New money = %1.2f” + “\n”, money);

} //End of main
}//End of Public

//End of Program

———————End of Source Code———————————-

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